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Jesus's Words for You from Psalm 6

"For the Choir Director. This song was meant to be accompanied by an eight-stringed instrument.


'My child, the evil one wants to destroy you. He knows that the night is almost over and his humiliation is at hand. He can’t hurt me, so he takes his anger out on you.

It pains me to see you suffer. I know that there is only so much you can take.

I know what you fear: “Maybe this is it. Maybe God has left me; Maybe He forgot.”


Don’t be afraid, child. I am patient, but I am with you.


Remember my faithfulness! Remember how I was there for you in the past. You didn’t know then how things were going to work out, but you know now.

I’m not going to lose you. No one can snatch you out of my hand. Who can separate you from my love?


It hurts to see your children suffer—when you know the illness is not fatal but the fever must run its course. I know now what My Father experienced when I suffered.

It’s hard to just sit …


and wait …


and be


when everything inside you just wants your children to be healed.


But I am here, child, and I hear your weeping. Though there is sorrow in the night, dawn is coming!


I have heard your prayers. I have not forgotten and I will act!


The tables will be turned! My suffering saints will be vindicated, and the evil one will look on in shame as we celebrate together.'"

The above is a paraphrase of Psalm 6, spoken as if from the mouth of Jesus. I translated it from the Hebrew and took liberties with the text to communicate its message to the church from a post-Easter perspective. It's not meant to be read as Scripture, but rather as a creative reimagining of God's word.

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