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A Christological Paraphrase of Psalm 4

For the choir director. This one was inspired by God’s faithfulness to his friends like David.

“I hear your cries, my faithful friend! You cannot imagine the blessings that will come out of this trial. My Father hears your prayers and delights in giving you good things.

How long will these mere mortals keep trying to bring you down? Their gods are unfaithful lovers who make empty promises!

When I act, they will know that the faithful are special to me. I answer when you cry to me.

Rage on, haters, but watch yourself! Keep your slander to yourself! Sit down and think about your next move!

Do the right thing and come back to God. Trust the Lord, not your worthless idols.

I know there are many voices competing for your attention, distracting you from the way. Open your eyes and see the grace set before you! Pick up your cross and follow me!

Humble yourself, make yourself nothing, and in due time you will be lifted up.

Are not five sparrows sold for a penny? But God remembers even them. What then do you have to fear? You are worth so much more to him than they are.”

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