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A Christological Paraphrase of Psalm 3

A Holy Saturday Psalm, inspired by the three days Jesus spent in the grave.

“Father, they all abandoned me. The whole world united against me: my friends, my people, the nations—all of them.

Their voices formed a chorus:

‘Crucify him! Let’s see if his God will save him this time!’

Father, you are always with me. You vindicate me and testify that we are One.

Every time I cried to you, you heard me. Even on the cross I was not alone.

When I was alone in the desert, tempted by the evil one, you preserved me. His schemes did not prevail because you held me up.

Even in the grave I will not fear!

Wake up, Father! Save me! You will swallow up even death itself! The gates of hell will be torn from their hinges!

Salvation is from God! Blessed be everyone who trusts in Him."
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